Avoid Despair………..

Emotional wellness is essential to maintaining a good mental disposition.  We are plagued by many things that causing us to experience despair.  The sad part is “we” contribute to our own unhappiness by moving through the day interjecting our negative attitudes, depression, and lack of motivation into feelings that cause our spirit to become depleted.  What might “we’ do to change our mindset?  Can despair really be avoided?  These are some questions we ask ourselves .  The answer to these questions are a resounding yes! We have to jump-start our joy.

Daily inspiration is not just a catch phrase- it is a real phenomenon.  If we are going to going to change our negative mindset to a positive one we have to practice daily inspiration.  What are the negative thoughts you’re feeding your psyche daily? For example, when your feet hit the floor the first thing in the morning are you saying these words “Today is going to suck I can’t get anything right” if this is your mindset make the choice to change it by learning how to feed your psyche positive daily inspiration.  You can accomplish this goal by finding positive poems, words of wisdom, and mentors that will serve as your go-to reserve bank these tools will help you divert despair by transcending it into positivity that will bring you joy.

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