Avoid Despair………..

Emotional wellness is essential to maintaining a good mental disposition.  We are plagued by many things that causing us to experience despair.  The sad part is “we” contribute to our own unhappiness by moving through the day interjecting our negative attitudes, depression, and lack of motivation into feelings that cause our spirit to become depleted.  What might “we’ do to change our mindset?  Can despair really be avoided?  These are some questions we ask ourselves .  The answer to these questions are a resounding yes! We have to jump-start our joy.

Daily inspiration is not just a catch phrase- it is a real phenomenon.  If we are going to going to change our negative mindset to a positive one we have to practice daily inspiration.  What are the negative thoughts you’re feeding your psyche daily? For example, when your feet hit the floor the first thing in the morning are you saying these words “Today is going to suck I can’t get anything right” if this is your mindset make the choice to change it by learning how to feed your psyche positive daily inspiration.  You can accomplish this goal by finding positive poems, words of wisdom, and mentors that will serve as your go-to reserve bank these tools will help you divert despair by transcending it into positivity that will bring you joy.

It’s not about you………..

He roams the earths looking for those who are hurting, and longing for their heavenly father’s love and mercy.  HE is the great “I AM” and our loving father God.  He’s waiting for you to take your eyes off yourself.  Stop believing that you can solve your own problems you need him.  Learn to trust and depend on him He will walk and talk to you daily .  He loves you.  Remember it’s not about you look to the heavens and call on him for help.  He will never let you down.  


If not God than who?

Do you ever wonder how those miraculous miracles happen in your life? The times when things just seem to come together effortlessly for the good.  God has an awesome presence in your life it’s when he shows up and shines his light making ALL things possible for you.

If not God than who? You couldn’t possibly believe that you have the power or control to chart your own life’s course.  We all have a destiny its good to know that we can relish in the fact that God will oversee our lives for our greater good.  We also have a choice to simply wallow in defeat with a negative attitude.  The better choice is to be grateful that our God is merciful.  He loves ALL his children He will continue to provide miracles that we simply cannot make happen for ourselves.

Love in the face of obstacles………….

Barriers must be removed and conversations must be engaging if you want to surpass the fear of being rejected and unloved by your partner.  These feeling can a reality in your relationship if you choose to do nothing.  We have to be courageous enough to have honest conversations with one another.  They are necessary to get pass the obstacles within our personal relationships.  How can we reach agreements and reconcile our problems if these interactions don’t occur? Run to your partner in love and face the obstacles that divide you from having a successful relationship. Replace fear with courage!!

Jump Start Your Joy

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines! Oh no….did you forget to add some affirmations to your spirit to renew your thoughts, some exercises to flex your muscles, faith to rebirth your dreams, healthy nourishment to feed your soul, or even a smile to cement your positive attitude?  These are the actions that must be taken to Jump Start Your Joy.  They are all action oriented steps.  Ladies and gentlemen go out and conquer the world with self love and a joyful HEART. 

It’s Your Turn

Claim your destiny today!  The only person’s permission you need to soar is your own.  Ask God for His favor.  Stop sitting on the side lines of life and be bold.  Engage in your higher good. Remove the negative chatter from your mind that whispers “I cant’s and “I wont’s” be on a mission to reach an “I can do” attitude.  It’s your turn so SOAR!!

Not on your own~

When we find our passion we work ourselves to the bone trying to achieve it. When we come up empty because our own efforts are not working we tend to garner negativity and the “I can’t” thought process sinks in.  What we don’t realize is that we can’t achieve our passion or purpose in our own might.  We have to include God in the equation.  HE is the one who can evoke supernatural power into our lives helping us to reach our destiny.  Remember the good life will not happen at least not on your own….but once we include HIM our destiny can be fulfilled.  

For God’s gifts and HIS call are irrevocable.  [He never withdraws them when once they are given, and He does not change HIS mind about those whom HE gives HIS grace or whom HE sends HIS call.] -Romans 11:29