Authentic Love

Authentic love lives beneath the surface of our soul. It’s a deep self love that must be awaken and protected. The love we display for ourselves often lacks the key components necessary to fulfil happiness. However, it’s not our fault that we haven’t be given the tools to cultivate self love. When we learn to nurture and accept our authentic selves it’s then and only then we will find the kind of personal peace and contentment our creator yearns for each of us to have. Learn to Love yourself!  

Laugh a little louder~Dream a little bigger

“Laugh a little Louder~ Dream a little Bigger” sounds like a catch phrase but should be a mantra for life. Are you doing that? Did you know that laughter is medicine for the heart, body, and soul. It helps you’re blood flow freely to the heart which promotes good heart health. It also helps the nature chemical “endorphins” to be release this is “free” happiness. Don’t you love it when you see people smiling instead of frowning? Are you smiling? Do you surround yourself with people who make you laugh?

Are you following your dreams? Dream bigger…. your love and personal insight is never to big to aspire to. God wants you to dream and achieve your dreams too. Are you asking Him for his help daily? Do you have the faith of a mustard seed? Never be afraid to dream. Be released into the world and laugh a little LOUDER dream a little BIGGER. You are good enough God say you are and so do I.


Flying High

To soar doesn’t always mean you’ll elevate to the highest heights. It’s a feeling that causes you to take risk, let go of fear, and accomplish the goals you set out to do. Will you soar or will you sit on the sidelines? Excuses are paralyzing don’t make them! Soar in the face of fear to reach your highest good.

Elastic Faith

Elasticity is that which can stretch and be retracted when needed.  In life there will be times when we depend on our faith to get us through.  It is at those moments we find that our faith is not as strong as it should because of lack of use.  Our prayers become lackluster and don’t allow us to connect with our Creator.   A call for elastic faith is needed in these circumstances.  We can obtain this type of faith in our daily prayer life by learning to depend on HIM.  Call on the Lord in your time of need knowing that He will never leave or forsake you.  Stretch your faith like a rubber band and you will see just how elastic it can be.

Embrace Your Truth~

Is the person you present to the world someone who you even know? Have you ever considered getting to know your true authentic self? Would it shock you to learn that the person you present to the public is only part of who you really are?  If this realization has your attention it’s a sign that it’s time to embrace your truth.  Embracing truth can be a difficult process if you’re not willing to be honest with yourself.  Honesty must be the catalyst for self-love and self-improvement.   Your life will improve significantly once you embrace your truth.  You will be able to achieve your greater good.  Remember that faith and prayer can help you go through the process.  Embrace your truth today.  Blessings

2013 Reasons to be thankful

eagle.peg Now that 2013 has arrived it’s a great time to stay focused and to be thankful that you have another year to press towards your destiny.  What will you do to face your fears this year?  Will you row your boat into the promise land? What “truths” will you face about yourself and how will you go about addressing them?

The truth is we all have things that keep us from reaching greater heights each year.  If we make the choice to live boldly and allow God to do a mighty work in us we will make 2013 our best year every.  Each day you wake up is a blessing! We are provided with another opportunity to do great things.  Be encouraged, be thankful, and SOAR in 2013.