His Best Promises~

God’s best promises are not out there in the realm of space just waiting for us to pray them into existences. His promises are new every day.  They  are available to us for the asking. Be the confident man or woman of God that He requires you be and that will help deliver the desires of your heart . What an awesome God we serve! Ask Him for what you need and start serving His people right where you’re at you will begin to see His best for you is within reach. Blessings~

Pay It Forward and Receive Good Things Always

We’ve all heard of the pay it forward concept- simply being kind to others while expecting nothing in return but the good feeling we get from doing good deeds. When was the last time you applied the pay it forward concept to “yourself”? Don’t you believe that you matter, and that you’re worth it? After all to be a cheerful giver as God would have us to be we must feel good about ourselves. We shouldn’t expect the royal treatment to be given to us by others. If we are willing to give it to graciously to other then our expectations from they should be none.Image


The people you attract in your life says a lot about who you are. If you want to be the best you can be- you must be willing to makes improvements. Your level of confidence can help to attract positive people that can edify and challenge you to reach beyond the stars. Get out of your comfort zone and become your personal best. Ask your self what type of individuals you attract for intimate relationships.  If you are not satisfied with the answer it’s time to clean house.  New people who can edify, motivate, and lift you up are out there on the horizon.  Heal your wounds and get out and find them.

Hello, may I in…

Hello, may I introduce myself? “My name is life.”-I’ve come to take you on a journey;there will be many stops along the way. Please remember that even your worse enemy can help you to learn many things about yourself. Are you going to take notes, do your homework, and move on to the next lesson? Are you going to get struck in addictions, dysfunction, self-loathing, or despair? These things are part of the test, but they are not the only answers to life’s journey. I hope you learn your lessons.  Let life teach you and enjoy the JOURNEY`

While walking o…

While walking on life’s path stop and smell the wonders of HIS majesty. Participate in all life has to offer. Remember in order to have fullness of joy- you must occasionally conduct a “self evaluation” of your own life’s dysfunction. It will help you to make life’s journey pleasurable. When dysfunction is address and corrected healing then becomes a catalyst to all the beauty this life can bring.