Cover of Addicted To Dysfunction

Addicted to Dysfunction

Addicted to Dysfunction: Released to Live Life Out Loud is the first book written that allows the reader to take an inconspicuous analysis of their own life’s dysfunction through an honest account of the writer’s sufferings and the lessons learned from them. This book is divided into five main character sections. The first section tackles disappointment. The second section stresses the importance of relational choices. The third section examines forgiveness. The forth section awakens our awareness. The fifth section challenges our acceptance of others. Collectively, these lessons will challenge you to let go and let God — releasing the reader to live life out loud.

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Cover for Put Up or Get Shut Down

Put Up or Get Shut down

Put Up Or Get Shut Down is a bold and sassy “up in your face” excursion into the urban motorcycle world as the writer knows it. Salty Dog is a narcissistic brother with an ego big enough to match the horsepower of his chrome 1300 Suzuki Hayabusa. Throughout this epic journey, you’ll learn about those scandalous women who lurk around the urban motorcycle community looking for a chance to get a “ride” in one form or another from the motorcycle brothers. This ride will be entertaining, and you’ll either have to put up or get shut down for trying to flee from this urban tale.

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Cover for Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters

Imagine a beautiful place where secrets are told and reconciliation is at your fingertips. Boyfriend drama, parental disputes, and betrayal are the backdrop to the demise of a twenty year friendship. Keisha, Megan, and Natalia experience all this and more. Will the Wayward Sisters seek the path that God desires for them before it’s too late? Come along on this captivating journey as good and bad choices are made that will leave you at the edge of your seat thirsting for more.

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Cover for Wayward Sisters 2

Wayward Sisters 2

Keisha, Megan, and Natalia are back at it again on a quest to experience God’s best through personal growth and the strength of their beautiful sisterhood. Jada, David, and Terrance, siblings of Keisha, join them on this captivating journey to ensure the historical family church, Victory Baptist Church, where they are employed, brings them growth and a stronger sense of faith. Will the Wayward Sisters finally find love, or will their relationships be tested to the point of no return? You’ll have to buckle in to see how their place of reckoning helps them escape self-deprivation and how it is replaced with self-love.

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