Hello, may I in…

Hello, may I introduce myself? “My name is life.”-I’ve come to take you on a journey;there will be many stops along the way. Please remember that even your worse enemy can help you to learn many things about yourself. Are you going to take notes, do your homework, and move on to the next lesson? Are you going to get struck in addictions, dysfunction, self-loathing, or despair? These things are part of the test, but they are not the only answers to life’s journey. I hope you learn your lessons.  Let life teach you and enjoy the JOURNEY`

Stave Your Fears

Have you ever been told that you couldn’t do something or have been afraid to live at that posh address that only God himself establish for you? Well the good news is no matter what man says you can or can’t do God has the final say so! Listen to and follow the voice of God. His divine direction will lead you to the posh address that only His grace and mercy has established just “for you”. Blessings~